Medical Device Design

Ideas turned into precision engineered medical devices.

Concept to manufacturing

Accelerate your engineering with Velocity.

Some of the most brilliant concepts come from product development engineers striving to improve patient and provider experiences but may not understand how to turn a concept into reality. Our Velocity Medtech team is positioned to guide you through the design and prototyping process and turn innovation into reality.

Perhaps your team is scaling, and you don’t have the resources to conduct rigorous design and prototyping, or time to spend evaluating manufacturing production process options.

Or maybe you’d like to leverage our deep industry knowledge and experience so you can focus on other areas of your business.

No matter the reason you decide to partner with us, we are honored to share our years of experience and learning, our deep understanding of how to avoid potential pitfalls, and the proven ways to accelerate R&D through to manufacturing production with you.

At Velocity, we take ideas and turn them into products, providing integrated, hands-on support from conception through production and delivery.

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