Cases & Trays

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over 50 years of Design experience

Well-versed Engineering Specialists in Case and Tray Design

Our design expertise is matched with a functional understanding of the day-to-day interactions in sterilization processing and the operating room, allowing us to provide efficient solutions for your surgical experts. We partner with you through the entire process, from optimum content layout, process functionality and branding, through first article inspection, product qualification, process validation, and into production and supply chain – guiding you every step of the way.

Becoming a single-source partner with deep expertise didn’t happen overnight.

We have decades of experience delivering results for some of the largest and most trusted medical device brands worldwide: managing the machines, processes, and quality control procedures that help mitigate risk and deliver products to market faster than the competition. Our expert teams and refined processes are designed to support you throughout the manufacturing lifecycle.

  • Engineering
  • Design
  • Manufacture
  • Product Assembly
  • Kitting
  • Packaging In-house
  • And More

Imagine the Possibilities

Branding & Customization

Whether you need to customize the color of your cases and trays for functional uses in the operating room or want branding recognition – our anodization process allows your products to make a product statement.

We perform both Type II and III Anodization meeting your needs for coatings and custom colors.

Design your cases and trays with visual elements, logos, custom colors, corner finish options, custom layouts, and more.

Finishing options including anodization, nylon coating, silk screen, and laser etching.

Design transfer expertise supports new product launches and supply chain initiatives.

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Velocity is dedicated to sharing your unique vision of the future.

Your product is our passion – that’s why we focus on streamlining processes between our business and yours. Our engineering and design teams’ interface with all standard formats, which minimizes delays and speeds product to the manufacturing phase. Our processes are built to capture the finest details within your requirement set, and our tenured design team members can quickly identify and help you navigate any risks to timeline or design errors that might emerge before the manufacturing process is initiated. All Velocity customization processes and team members are honed to allow the best experience for the end user – which means your product will make the impact it should, every time.