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Be inspired. Make a difference. Improve lives. Join team Velocity!

At Velocity, we understand how what we do every day contributes to the bigger picture of improving patient lives. Whether we are designing an implant to get an athlete back in the game or a medical instrument that allows surgeons to save lives, our daily focus is broader than just the products we make. Our products impact people’s lives and the weight of that drives us.

The Velocity Mission

Simplify manufacturing and the end-to-end supply chain, enabling our customer’s to focus on the caregiver and improve patients’ lives.

Our Values
Our values are more than words that fill the pages of a handbook, they are core to who we are, to our drive, and to our relentless focus to deliver reliably to our customer’s and their patients.


We Do What’s Right


We Deliver for Our Customer's and Each Other


We Work Relentlessly to Make it Better

Our Culture

People first.

At Velocity, we aim to create an intention-based culture, where people come first both inside and outside our building walls. Working together, pushing limits, and keeping a keen eye on the macro through to the micro fuels us day in and day out.

“Challenge the Status Quo” – remove roadblocks
“Strive for Excellence” – better for the journey
“Leave it Better” – commitment to customer’s and each other
“Incredibly Responsive” – pick up the loose ball
“Collaborative Community” – work & win together

Equal Opportunity Employer

Touch lives.
Make a difference.

We believe in a diverse and inclusive workplace, where our differences make us stronger, and amplify the realm of what’s possible.